Raise a responsible son

"It's not difficult to imagine how tough it must be for a married woman to clad a swim wear and get into the pool. There is taboo around almost everything women wish to do. But there lies the challenge- to fight and prove everybody wrong. When I was young, I was quite thin, so I was always shamed for my body structure. Today, none of those people stand close to me, in terms of everything I've achieved for myself. The gold medals, marathon certificates and hard work speak out loud for me. It's never easy but it's all about what you want to do and what you want to be. My family has been extremely supportive in this journey. Interestingly, I started to learn swimming with my daughter when she was 2. Similarly, I started to learn mixed martial arts with my son. Being in an environment like this will ensure that my kids won't grow up thinking they should be the way society wants them to be. Instead it will teach them to follow their heart and do what is right for them. I've always told my son about women being equal. My husband and I try to normalise this and I can already see how it's shaped him as a boy. It's all about learning the right things during one's childhood. After all, a child is going to listen to his mother than the laws of the court."

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