Emotional Hatyachaar

''Come here and shape your future. The future is bright here and this place will lay a strong foundation for your career. They reiterate these words until we join their college. That is how every student joins a corporate college for intermediate. I didn’t have any clear idea of what stream to take up and here they come, pretending to be my saviour, persuading me to take the course they have in their college, giving me false hope about future. 
What's next? Like a half million students in this state, I ended up in MPC stream classroom. Well, I felt okay with it. At least, it seemed like an opportunity to choose a career in the field of Science & Technology. But what's the situation now? They turned out to be the exact opposite of what they had pretended to be during the admission process. 
We are being tortured day in and out with unbearable pressure and it's not what I had anticipated initially. There's no conceptual learning model. We are forced to study the subjects without being explained the basic concept behind it. Our foundation itself is weak. We are just asked to by heart whatever they print in the textbook. There is nothing called teaching that exists in corporate colleges. We are made to sit for hours and hours, even beyond the said college timings. But I always wondered, what's the point in preparing for the examinations, if I haven’t really understood the core concepts of the syllabus? What's the point in investing hours of time in studying extensively in a closed environment with severe psychological stress? What's the point in getting educated when the real essence of education is missing? Why am I saying all this now? Because I face intense pressure every single day I go to college. We don’t call it a college anymore, we call it a jail. Am I being too harsh? Of course, this is exactly the situation, we are facing in our Intermediate education. There's no support system for us. We aren't taught the basics of communication and personality development skills which are absolutely essential in our career prospects. 
We are constantly told that if we don’t score marks, we would be beaten up. They emotionally traumatise us. They tell us that if we don’t score marks, our future is going to be dark. They make us doubt ourselves. They kill our hobbies and passion. I know a lot of them commit suicide because they shame us and trick us into thinking that if we don’t score, we will land nowhere. Parental pressure is manageable but college pressure is not."

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