Healing through Yoga

"I always had an inclination towards arts and the idea of starting something useful for the society. That's where the idea of starting a yoga centre stemmed from. I was around 20-year-old, pursuing my engineering, when I set up my own Yoga studio. From kids to senior citizens, I teach yoga to a varied group of people. Meeting each one of them gives me new perspective to life and that makes me feel incredibly satisfied.
During my stint as a yoga teacher, I've observed that the art form has been gaining immense popularity these days. Some are particularly inspired by fitness that yoga provides, while others are simply taken in by spiritual awareness and flexibility that it results in. I feel that there should be a balance between the both in order to achieve the true essence of yoga. I am 22 years now and I truly believe that all our dreams can come true if we have the dedication to pursue them. I did, and here I am today!"


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