Struggle for inclusiveness

"There are women, men and the third gender. Had people learnt this while growing up, our lives wouldn't have been so difficult. If I knew it was normal when I was in school, I would've known to speak up and not face all the discrimination and labelling that I did. Other kids would say, 'Look, hijda is walking,' and laugh at me. I would cry myself to sleep, but wouldn't ever say anything to anybody. My parents too couldn't help much because the society doesn't let them accept this. They're fighting a battle too! I am a graduate. I endured all the mockery while going to school and college. My will power to study helped me cope with the toxicity.
I am from Warangal but I have come to Vemulawada to marry the deity. Yes, we marry Lord Shiva. It might sound absurd to many. We can’t get married to anyone so we marry him and live in the belief that he is our companion for life. Well, for a world that lives in the misapprehension that we are not normal human beings, I am okay living in this delusion.
Cinema just makes it worse for us. Every play or film uses transgender for comedy. We're always shown in negative roles like we're inferior. Not every transgender is going to touch you inappropriately and ask for money. It's a constant struggle to fight that image. We're so used to being treated as less of a human. But imagine getting used to something as horrible as this! In the last few years, however, we've moved quite a few steps ahead. It's not over, of course. We have a long way to go and we need the support of every other person, especially forces like cinema, government, media and police. Parents should also explain it to their kids and make them feel normal. We don't want to be labelled and caged for the rest of our lives. We don't want to make life difficult for you, neither should you make it, for us.
All we are asking for is equality. We want to do dignified jobs. There should be an increase in employment opportunities for us. Don’t alienate us. Treat us like one among you all"

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