Mind over martial arts

"I was about 85 kgs when I passed class 10. I was body shamed in inter college for being extremely overweight. I tried working out at the gym, but I didn't like the monotonous process. That's when I started learning Kung Fu, but I had to discontinue after a year due to academics. Like most parents, mine too were keen that I study first because that 'should be my priority'. A couple of years later, I began to learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and there's been no looking back. It's not just about fitness, but it also teaches you discipline and helps you defend yourself and your people. Today, I'm a proud trainer, who began with the motive of popularising this form of sports. I also conduct marathons every Saturday. In the beginning, people were apprehensive about it, but they began to notice the change and that's what brings them back. It has helped me change and be a better person. That's what MMA does to you!"

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