Dream come true

"I lost my mother when I was 2. I was raised by my father and stepmother, who were extremely supportive in every step of my life. My dad always gave me the freedom to do what I love. So when I told him I want to open a boutique, he was more than happy to encourage me. After I chose a store in Sainikpuri, I took a month setting it up all by myself - I hired Carpenters, interior designers and did everything by myself. On the inauguration day, my parents were quite proud of me. They were amused by the way I had designed the store. It's been four years since then, and thanks to my customers, I've had a fabulous journey, just like the name of my store. Some of my regulars are so close that I can call them family. Throughout my childhood, my siblings were in a hostel, so I spent all my time alone. Although I hated it in the beginning, as time passed, I enjoyed my own company. Today, I save money and travel to different parts of the world all by myself. I am self-sufficient and emotionally independent. Enjoying our own company is quite liberating. It boosts our self-confidence. My superpower is to lead a bindaas life and not look for any external validation. It's a dream come true for me - travelling the world and being an independent entrepreneur."

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