Be the best version of yourself

"I belong to a well-settled family. My father is a doctor and my parents believed that I should also be a version of them. For most part of my childhood, relatives and friends would ask me if I'd become a doctor too. But when I was in college, I had a friend who persuaded me to try Yoga. That's where my journey as a yoga practitioner began. It opened me up to myself, honestly. I dealt with a lot of issues that I would've otherwise ignored. It's true that yoga helps you deal with stress, time management and depression - three of the most heard problems among today's youth. If not for the art of living concept, I wouldn't have ever come to terms with my interests and flaws and embrace them. That's the only thing I have to say to all my students and anybody who asks me about life: Focus on your passion and do what you enjoy doing, no matter how unusual it makes you look or sound. If you're not the regular, you're unique, and that's a good thing to be."
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