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"When I was pursuing medicine, we used to conduct medical camps in villages. That's when I really explored the rural life - both the good and the bad side. It was appalling to see that women know nothing about menstrual hygiene. Kids wear unwashed undergarments and sanitation is pathetic. But it's not easy, to live amongst them and change their perspective. It's a challenge, but I'm going to take it up. However, hygiene isn't a problem in just rural areas. In cities too, many people don't understand hygiene completely. For instance, they don't realise that it's absolutely important to wash hands before eating. This is just one of the problems. So, I started posting health and hygiene related facts and solutions on social media - the best tool that exists today to create awareness. It was my post on alcohol that went viral. Nobody would listen to me if I asked them stop drinking. Instead, I told them how much to drink in particular intervals to avoid horrible effects on one's body. These are the kind of things I want to talk about - everyday issues that people often ignore or they don't understand how to solve them. When I have the power to bring little changes in people's lives that'll help them in the long run, why not?"

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