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"When I was 20, I owned a clothing store. It was a dream come true for me. I took a loan of 4 lakh rupees from my father and in a short span of time, I'd earned almost 20 lakh rupees. At that age, it was a big achievement. But everything came falling down, when my business partner cheated. I didn't even know that we needed a business deal to run a business. I lost everything and I couldn't deal with it. I spent a year going to police station to fight for what I lost, while my partner kept sending me threatening calls and messages. I finally got a small amount and I could pay my dad back. After all that happened, I joined a regular corporate company. Fortunately, things worked out and I was chosen as an RJ for Radio Mirchi. The one thing I love about radio is that it's so much more informal and personal. Every caller I speak to is like a friend, and the music I choose next reflects so many people's feelings that day. But I always speak my mind on radio, unless I'm hosting a film related show, of course! I've met so many actors, but my biggest fan moment was definitely when I spoke to Tarak (Jr NTR). I've always loved how he carries himself and his journey - with no support from his own people to today being at a state when he is the face of the same people and family.

Life has been good to me in the last few years, but I've had my moments of ups and downs. One was, of course, the tragedy with my business. The second was when I had a break-up. We were dating for five years and one day, I was told that she's engaged to another man. It tore me apart. But I had to deal with it. My way of overcoming all of this is by asking myself one question: What's the worst that can happen? I'll probably lose my job or I'll lose my money or love from outsiders. I still have my parents. I can still sit under a tree with a cup of hot chai and spend my evening. What else do you need?"

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