Understanding fitness

"Most of us are vulnerable and we give into the demands of societal standards of fitness and beauty. When I first started working, I was 98 kgs. I was called a Panda and was also body shamed a lot. It did hurt me, of course. But that's not the reason why I started hitting the gym. I wanted to lose weight and stay fit. I wasn't even aiming at a 6-pack body back then. I started working out and in 8 months, I lost 8 kgs. That was followed by a slip disk injury that shattered me. I couldn't even move or get up. Later, I realised that it's because I was working out in wrong positions and taking unnecessary supplements. Most of the people I meet today make the same mistake of blindly trusting a so-called fitness influencer on social media. Firstly, we need to understand that fitness isn't about having a 6-pack and a muscular body. If you wish for that, you can work accordingly, but it's not mandatory for everybody to be like that to be called fit. It's about having mental peace also. Today, fitness training has become a business. Looking at these trends, it's even more important for us to be careful about who we're following and what we're trying to do with our body. The simple logic is that if your body isn't letting you eat your favourite food or run for a few minutes, you're not fit. And, to be fit, you don't need to have big muscles. Fitness should be a part of your life, where you give it just as much time as it needs. Not more, not less."

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