I come from a poor family in Khammam

" I come from a poor family in Khammam. Both my parents are tailors. I don't know when I decided to pursue computer programming or for that matter even higher education. But somehow I did. Over the years, I picked up good skills in software engineering. Ethical hacking is my favourite of all. I started as a junior developer and quickly moved up in my career. I was posted in Dubai and I was happy in a well paid job. I even bought some properties in my native place. Things were going great for me, till I got laid off. My company had no new projects to offer me, and I was forced to return to India. It took me more than four months to find another job. During the period of my job search, I even tried my hand to start my own business. For some reason, those plans did not work out. IT industry has seen ups and downs. I am sure it will be the same in the years to come. But I got into this industry out of passion. Even during the college days, I used to bunk other classes, and spend loads of time in computer lab. I see my IT career as an extended session in a computer lab. I will always try to fit back in, even when my chips are down. My goals? One, to start my own company and two, convince my parents to retire. First one seems a lot easy to achieve than the second one. I realise this every time I wear a newly stitched and perfect-fit shirt sent by them." #Hyderabad #HumansOfHyderabad

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