The ups and downs of life

"I'm the first generation in my family to be sent to school. My father worked really hard to make ends meet and somehow, managed to put me into an engineering college. But I loved storytelling. As a child, I'd listen to my mom tell me stories and that's probably how I started loving them too. My parents couldn't read or write, so they always wanted to see me successfully settled in life. But post engineering, I told them I wanted to try my hand at writing for cinema. They were a little surprised, but they let me do what I loved. Initially, I started writing short stories and gradually, everything fell in place. I was working with big production houses and big budget films. It was perfect - or so you think, and very dramatically, things change. I was diagnosed with a lung disease. It was quite a shock to my family and me because I was a disciplined person with no bad habits. I took an 8-month break. During this period, all I cared about was to wake up next day. I valued life so much and understood that success is only a phase.

When I was back after my treatment, my job was gone. My mom was very worried and upset. Everything was so messy at home and professionally as well. I somehow found a job in a newspaper, that allowed me to work in their literature section, which is my interest. I started reading a lot of books and work by foreign authors. I also began writing extensively. Slowly, things got better. I wanted to display my work for common audience. I wanted my work to be read. So, I borrowed quite some money and took a stall in Hyderabad Literature Festival. I also did some basic promotion on social media. There were people who turned up only to check my stall and buy books. Word of mouth really helps! My friends started calling me a star… My mom was happy and satisfied. She held my book close and almost teared up. I felt so content that day. There's nothing better than seeing your loved ones happy because of your success."

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