Making a comeback

"Back when I was in my intermediate, I used to jump off the college building to go play cricket. Fortunately, I was later moved to a better institute that allowed me to work on my other interests apart from academics. But even then, getting into a team isn’t easy. A lot of players had to go around coaches, brownnose them and impress them in many other ways. Even today, there are so many good players who are ignored because of various personal reasons.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to make my way through it. I played for Hyderabad Cricket Association. But life isn’t that easy you see! Unfortunately, I was overlooked and couldn't get selected for Ranji Trophy. After all the hard work and dedication I’d put in, I couldn’t make it to the Ranji. When I reached the then captain, I was told, ‘We don’t need you here,’ and I was shown the door. They didn’t care about losing a good player, but it was only about politics and favouritism. I want to make a strong enough comeback into the Ranji Team.

Playing the role of Shammi in Jersey movie was life changing for me. I used to wake up at 4 am and practise along with actor Nani under the guidance of coach Daniel. It was quite a surreal experience to watch myself on silver screen. Life does throw surprises."

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