Go vroom

"I was 14 when I made my first bicycle. I just collected a lot of junk and parts from a garage and put it together. That's where it all began and with time, my love for automobiles only grew stronger! Fortunately, my father is a businessman, so he only encouraged me to do what I was interested in. Gradually, I began to design 'easy rider motorbike' and my car, Dune Buggy. This was around the time when I was in the US and I saw the promotions of a Volkswagen. That inspired me to try designing extremely crazy and wacky cars. I mean, look at my collection! I have one in the shape of a brinjal, a toilet seat and even a condom, the latter was created as an AID awareness drive. It's just everyday life and people around me that give me these themes and ideas. The brinjal one is inspired from Hyderabadi slang - Baigan. But it's a lot of hard work and dedication to work on designing these cars. I'm not an automobile engineer. I'm a commerce graduate and everything I know is because of my observation and learning skills. I take the pain to go to junkyards and collect parts by myself. I meet mechanics and watch them work. It's an everyday learning process. But when you love and enjoy it so much, you don't want to stop exploring."

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