Surviving through music

"I was born with a disease, spina bifida - a birth defect that doesn't allow the growth of the spine, which in turn affects other parts with time. It was a few months after my birth that my parents realised about this and it was already quite complicated. However, they went on to let me grow like a normal child. The other kids in school would never understand my problem or why I looked slightly different. They'd bully and say harsh things. Once, a rich kid hit me in the parking space because I scored better grades than him. Growing up was tough, especially around people. I didn't have friends and the ones who spoke to me would say sympathising things. There was a time I tried to kill myself. 
Meanwhile, my father had introduced me to Eminem at the age of 6. His music was the best thing that happened to me! The song 'Beautiful' changed how I looked at life. When I wrote my first rap song as a teenager, it had all my anger, rage and sorrow. It was my way of expressing everything I felt. I also began to perform covers of Eminem's songs. People started to know me and somehow, the little fame I managed to get also got me friends - a lot of them were with me only because of the fame.

Things seemed to be working out. But life is never that easy and happy. My complications in the body grew and my organs began to shrink. The universe wasn't in my favour, it probably never was, but I had to keep going. The doctors, who first said I would live for only 2 days, were later surprised to see the treatment work out. I was mentally quite strong. It was the only thing that pushed me to fight it out each day. When I later performed my first gig - a day after I was discharged from the hospital - I sang like it was my last one! The kind of response I got made me want to live. It made me want to compose music and perform more often. That's when I decided to look for a cure. I gave up on everything I loved for 2 months and adhered to a strict diet. Once my treatment was done, I wanted to be back with a bang! Eventually, I released my original in freestyle and it's been well received. Things got better with the start of 2019, but there's a long way to go. For me, success isn't a destination. It's a journey that goes on for a lifetime. No matter how long I live for, I want to be remembered forever for my music."

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