Standing up for the disabled

"When I started this service, my motto was to help the needy. People often give cash or help in kind, but not many think of the everyday issues the differently-abled go through. During one of my visits to an orphanage in Ibrahimpatnam, I saw how the barber took advantage of the kids being blind and did random haircuts for them. It's unbelievable how people are so insensitive and use others' weaknesses for their own good. That's when I told the manager of the orphanage that I'll provide hair-dressing service. It all started with one orphanage and gradually, I built a team of professionals that work for both men and women. We started going around the city on Tuesdays for haircuts. We received a lot of support on social media and from acquaintances. People told me how I'm indirectly donating a huge amount to the orphanage by cutting down the cost of a haircut for all the children.

Meanwhile, there were a few so-called welfare organisations who booked an appointment with me much in advance. On arriving, they told me how they didn't need any service but they were doing me a favour. It was heartbreaking and annoying to see that people don't even acknowledge the work you're doing. We don't need appreciation, but you don't have to say things to make us seem useless. That's when I realised that no matter what great thing you do for the world, people are going to react and look at it the way they want to. It's about you moving on and doing what you believe in."

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