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"I was 14 when I was married off to my uncle. No complaints here, I am happy and he's been a very supportive husband. Back in the day, girls weren't sent to schools once they're married. Perhaps, if you're a 10th pass, it's quite a big deal. But I always wanted to be a doctor. I enjoyed studying and learning new things. My in-laws, however, weren't too keen on getting me educated. They said 'you're spending your husband's money only on your education'. Fortunately, we had a scheme that gave back all the fees spent on girl's education and that's how I paid for my intermediate. Meanwhile, I had two daughters and I was caught with all the 'household responsibilities'. Honestly, I didn't mind taking care of my children or helping my husband. But life does come with some twists. About 12 years after I finished my intermediate, I joined a college to complete my degree in BA psychology. I got a lot of comments like 'why do you need this now, what are you going to do with this qualification', which held me back for a while. But I knew that this time, I have to listen to nothing but my heart. There has been no looking back ever since. I went on to do a brief beauty course and opened a parlour. At 40, I did a PG Diploma and at 52, I joined Ambedkar Open University for a Master's Degree in psychology. All this while helping my kids fight for an inter-caste marriage and raising my grandkids too! My aspiration to study and get a master's degree is to be able to provide some kind of service to the society. Today, I go to schools across the city and state, meeting kids and talking to them about morals and values. My motto is to meet as many girls as possible and spread awareness about menstruation, good and bad touch and safety. Some schools allow and some don't. But I believe that if I can influence at least a few of them, my job is half done, because word of mouth is my biggest tool!"

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