The purpose of life

"Like most teenagers, I always wanted to have fun and make the most of my life, without much thought about life. I loved automobiles. Even before I was 18, I bought myself a kinetic Honda with some money that I arranged for myself. Later, when I was in undergrad, my father bought me a Honda City. I was so happy and I started driving across the city, didn't care much about the speed or others on the road. On one of these days, I was driving at 100, looking at the speedometer, and when suddenly, I saw a huge tree in front. The brakes didn't work well at that speed and my car flipped almost 5 times. I was 19. In that split second, all I thought was how I was going to die in a car accident at 19 without having achieved anything. A few hours later, I woke up in a hospital. This whole episode was life-changing for me. I believed that God had a strong motive behind saving me. It's not because of my deeds but because he believed that I had a bigger purpose in life.
A few months later, I found an old lady lying on the streets with no clothes and just a blanket near the Secunderabad railway station. Initially, I just walked away but the thought didn't leave my head. So I came back and took her to a hospital. I also recorded a video and uploaded it on social media asking people to help me find her shelter. This became viral and her family, who was searching for her, found her. It felt so content and satisfied. In 2017, I started Second Chance, an NGO to help the needy and senior citizens. But our home isn't a place for people to live life waiting for death to come. It's a home for them to live the second phase of life happily without any complaints or difficulties. I started with one lady and today, there are 130 in four centres. This is my purpose of life and there's nothing I'd rather do."

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