In love with lassi

"When my father started the Shaliband Lassi shop in Chariminar more than 50 years ago, there were hardly any other stand-alone outlets like ours. My brother and I have see  our dad put his heart and soul into this business to make it what it is today. So growing up, I  knew I would take his position someday. Honestly, it wasn’t even a force or a decision my parents took. It was my interest. When my brother and I took over in 1991, it was challenging initially. We didn’t want our father’s dream-come-true business to be affected because of us. Our aim was to maintain his standards, if not make it better. By God’s grace, we’ve come a long way since then with a lot of support from our customers and a 40-member staff, of course. 

Over the years, I’ve seen that there has been an increase in lassi shops across the city. There are newer and fusion flavours in the market but our motto has always been to stick to the authentic tastes and provide good quality lassi consistently. That’s the reason we’ve been loved for so long. I believe that this is the only way to do business - give your customers true value for their money."

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