The art of storytelling

"During my undergrad in Bengaluru, I studied and worked in a professional environment. I participated in various activities and also did several internships in different fields - content writing, marketing, theatre and more. But when I moved to Hyderabad to do my Master's in linguistics, suddenly life became slow. I had no social life because I stayed in one end of the city which isn't known for its parties and pubs. Gradually, I began to explore everything by myself. In the process, I also began to write often, thanks to the ample amount of time I had. A college friend of mine from Delhi suggested that I try out dating apps to curb the boredom. That’s how I joined AkkarBakkar. Some of my first stories on it was bits of my daily life and the people I used to meet on dating apps like Tinder, Ok Cupid etc. I met various types of people; from a traditional south Indian boy, who apart from teaching me coding, played MS Subbalakshmi songs and made me dosas on a Sunday morning to an unrealistically good looking doctor who would rarely take a day off from studying but have a blast when he did. 
On an average, I'd get about a few thousand views. But soon, people started to write to me asking if their stories can be posted anonymously. I began to edit and post them. The first story that hit over a million reads, which I edited, was about a woman who craved for her mother’s love and attention despite having a happy family of her own. It managed to grab eyeballs of married women from all over the country and even Pakistan.
Things went to another level! The stories would come from so many different places, different mind-sets and ideas. Some made me laugh, some made me cry and some made me happy. But each was a deep, personal story that needed to be told and shared. This one idea that I believed in - telling real stories - got so many people to open up and share their experiences. It's more than what I'd planned to do initially but I love how it's turned out!"

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