Stand up for all things right

''Do you see how, as a society, we’ve normalised and ignored so many harsh and unacceptable things? It’s become so easy for us to say, ‘That man was drunk when he held her hand’ or ‘maybe he didn’t mean it’. In fact, this is what made me give up on journalism, which I wanted to do for a long time. During my late teens, I began to shut myself off, from the news. I was tired of seeing so many things happening and how it affected me. As I child, I really loved music but didn’t take it up because I wasn’t an extrovert anymore. I couldn’t have gone to gigs, met people and socialised, especially in the phase I was, back then. That’s how I turned to art. It was my way of expressing without having to meet people. Once I started to exhibit, someone saw my art and told me it was dark. I was surprised, but I later thought about it. I realised that I was putting out all my thoughts about society and this negativity in my art. Maybe it was not intentional but it was a part of me - to have an opinion and say it out loud. The events I saw on a daily basis didn’t probably shut me down, it only made me quiet. But it also helped me find another way to put my thoughts out. How long can we be quiet looking at these atrocities happening around us? Aren’t we responsible enough to make this world a better place? We should stand up for our family and friends, if not for anybody else.''

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