Faith in fish

"I am a native of Rajasthan. I came across the concept of fish medicine on YouTube when I was searching for remedies for asthma. My sister has been suffering from severe respiratory illness for a long time now. There is no therapy that we have not tried so far. We realised that they are just temporary fixes. They give momentary relief but nothing beyond. We lost hope in English medicines. There were times my sister couldn’t sleep for a minute, courtesy her unabated breathing issues. It certainly affected our family in many ways. We couldn’t watch her suffer. We spent enormous amounts of money on treatments, yet we couldn't see any improvement in her condition. There was not a single day my mother didn’t weep watching my sister struggle to breathe. To leave no stone unturned, we came all the way from Rajasthan to try this medicine out. We are hoping for a miracle to happen. We don’t know if it is a medicine or a prashad, but my mother sent us here to give it a try. We are here standing with hope and faith."

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