For the love of Fish medicine

"The fish medicine is magical; I belong to the Giridi District in Jharkhand, but I make it a point to come to Hyderabad for this miracle medicine. I started this practice almost 8 years ago. Within 4 years of taking this medication under strict dietary restrictions, I began to feel completely cured and healthy. I am a car painter and the chemicals in the paints would take a toll on me, despite wearing a mask. I would find it difficult to breathe. I was sensitive to dust, refrigerated consumables and cold temperatures. I would fall sick easily and have trouble sleeping. I have tried pharmaceutical medication as well, but its effects last only as long as you consume it. On the other hand, this fish medicine has long lasting effects. It makes me immune to numerous issues. It eliminates the need for any other medication. I get my family along as well for the Fish medicine. We really like Hyderabad and find it very advanced, but love our hometown, the land of Dhoni."

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