Healing the world with music and kindness

"I will forever be grateful to my parents for standing by my decision to become a musician and social worker. It was not a smooth ride. They took their time in coming to terms with the fact that their son had chosen something which is considered only a "hobby" or termed "co-curricular". They often fail to comprehend certain things I do but encourage and support me nevertheless. It had all started with a couple of Carnatic Music classes in the second grade, which my mother forced me to attend. Fast forward to ninth grade, when I heard Ed Sheeran, I instantly turned into an ardent fan. I really wanted to be like him! I started to emulate his dressing style, decorated my guitar like his and learnt all his songs. My guitar and I had become inseparable. I was always in the music room at school, playing away. When I joined an engineering college I realised, it was not for me. Two years in, I decided to drop out. I started an NGO called "The Beautiful World Movement" that works for the underprivileged and animal welfare. It is now functioning successfully and I feel like I have found a medium to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me and stood by me. When words fail, music and actions fill that void. I believe everyone associated with my NGO has gotten the opportunity to act upon things they would otherwise only lament about, given their age. I believe we're all insignificant in the bigger picture, water droplets in the ocean. But if we go the extra step to ensure the happiness of those around us, we're making a significant change in their lives."

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