Finding light at the end of the tunnel

"My children are my pillars of strength. They have been strong and supportive through everything life has thrown at us. Troubles came early in my life. The environment I grew up in was disruptive. My childhood was disturbed and stressful. My older sister passed away in an unfortunate fire accident, when I was merely 16. Within a couple of years, my family decided it was best for me to get married and settle down. It was an arranged marriage and I moved to the US, soon after. After having two children, and less than 7 years into the marriage, my then husband chose to abandon us. There was no explanation, no guilt, no apology, just a bunch of illogical excuses. We were left to be by ourselves. I moved back to India and single motherhood raised a lot of eyebrows here, back then. The society didn't care for us either, they turned a blind eye to us. The society ignored the problem and couldn't fathom the trauma I was going through. We were left to fight our battles ourselves. From providing for my children and bringing them up to answering unending questions, I was left to bear it all alone. Most people thought I was unmarried but when I would innocently mention something about my kids, the strings of questions would begin. I began to work hard to provide for our family of three. I believe that when one is sticking to their innate nature, they are completely honest to themselves and to the world. I think it is my nature to be willing to move on. To forgive and not carry baggage. Hence I was able to focus on my children, my work and my career. I worked relentlessly and hardly took any leaves. I faced gender bias and sometimes sexual harrasment in my professional journey. People questioned my ability and grudged the opportunities that my hardwork brought me. However, I chose to neglect all the negativity arising in my life. I took upon the path of spirituality and believed that the Lord will care for and look after my children and me. After long years of working in television news industry, I sang devotional songs for a TTD album. That experience changed me profoundly. Today I am well settled in a house of my own and my children are studying hard and making a niche for themselves. My children have always been there to help me get a grip on myself. Watching them grow, I've grown.  My parents have played a monumental role in the right upbringing of my children. I will always be thankful to the Almighty for looking after us. Life has brought me this far and taught me so much, I believe I am ready to find love and seek companionship. I don't have any qualms or regrets. Life chose me and has given me everything in it's own way. I am grateful for my life and for how it held me all through. Today, like always, I wait with baited breath to see what's next in store for me."

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