Bouncing back

"About 9 years ago, when Kareena Kapoor Khan was stuck in the lift of a plush hotel in Banjara Hills, I was in charge of the security. I raced to the basement and broke open the lift door along with my team. I held her hand and helped her come out. It was a heroic moment for me to help a top Bollywood actress.  In my decade-long journey as a bouncer, I have escorted many celebrities including Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. Outsiders might think our job is easy and fun but that’s not true. We need to be disciplined, especially about what we eat and how our build is. In order to look bulky and well shaped, it is necessary to gym regularly and eat more of carbohydrates and proteins. Sometimes at night clubs, guests threaten us with weapons and sometimes their influence if we do not allow them to enter. However the situation, we need to abide by the club rules. The risk is relatively high, but it has its own perks.
Often, when we refuse to allow a group of boys in for a couple's/ girl's night, they pair up with the next group of girls that enters. I find it rather amusing how they become "couples" within seconds. 
 When I took up the job of a bouncer, I only wanted to put my body building to use in a manner that could support my family. It's been a long journey from the body building days and becoming a bouncer, to being the Chief Security Officer of a Giant Food Chain and a fitness trainer; The physique, the diet, the type of work, the timings and the pay, everything has changed! But the passion, honesty and hardwork remains unchanged."

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