The art of cinema

"Growing up, my access to cinema was only through open air army theatres. I used to watch a few Hollywood and Bollywood films, but I wasn't ever captivated by the medium. It was a weekend pass-time for me. Only a few years later, when I moved to the US, I began to watch contemporary American films and Television shows, that opened up my knowledge about world cinema. A little later, I joined a brief film course because someone offered me a seat. That's where my life took a new turn. I held a film camera for the first time and I was so fascinated by it. I knew this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a filmmaker. When I started, however, it was challenging. I didn't know anybody and neither did I understand the technicalities of filmmaking. But if this was what I wanted, I knew I had to give my best. I used to draw a storyboard and the cinematographer would then tell me what lens to use for which scene. That's how I learnt the nitty gritties of the craft. In no time, I made a short film, Nupur, which was also considered for Oscars. Now that was the reward that pushed me to do more!
Moving to LA from San Francisco was another challenge. I felt like I wasn't ready for the big jump, but if I didn't make it, how would I make my films more visible? It was necessary and I moved. I gradually made friends and understood how the film industry worked. Similarly challenging was the decision to move to Hyderabad. But throughout my journey, I started everything from scratch and learnt the art step by step. I believed in myself and so did my parents, who supported me to do whatever I wanted, in a day and age when women were married off in their late teens. Even today, nothing comes easy. I still work hard to complete every project I take up and that's always my focus. I live in my films and through cinema. I always will."

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