Music: Connecting People

"It is safe to say that we didn't choose music, music chose us. Our individual musical journeys started much earlier in life. We learnt music from different sources. Once we had set forth, there was no looking back. We did not know each other beforehand and met on a musical journey through other people. We formed Merakee The Band in August 2018 but went through our fair share of trials and tribulations before we stabilised. Ganesh, our lead singer, was previously a part of another band and many members from the audience continued to associate him with the same. Getting professionals on board, scheduling rehearsals and creating our own identity was not a cake walk. Even coming up with a name posed as a serious question. We looked at many opinions and finally choose "Merakee". Merakee, a Greek word, means to do something with a part of your soul in it. While the initial troubles were many, ever since the band started performing regularly, it has been a great journey. From having people cry when we perform and big musicians praising us to have people turn up in great numbers with family members at our micless with Merakee event and about thousands of girls cheering for us at college fests, the joy is indescribable. Thanks to our manager, we have managed to constantly stay in the public eye. Her hard work allows us to put our talent out for people to hear and appreciate. We are extremely grateful to the audiences who have liked our work and supported us through out. Be it celebrities at private shows or audiences at clubs, the love and recognition we get is incomparable. By God's grace, we've never received any hate or negative criticism through any online or offline means. However, we do receive polite constructive criticism after live shows sometimes and we try to work on the same. 
We believe Music holds some special powers. We all are introverts and find it difficult to talk to new people. But we forget all our fears when we perform. We cannot put into words how we feel on stage. We have great plans for the band; releasing originals, more performances and what not! Music is what binds all the Telugu Bands together. All of us have a style and approach of our own. It's a strong, supportive and happy community and we hope it continues to be the same!"

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