Yoga for the win

"Yoga has changed me exponentially. For the last 10 years, I have been practicing yoga regularly. It has made me who I am today: strong, confident, motivated and kind. It gave me the emotional and mental stability I lacked. Be it poor decision making skills or tackling insecurities, yoga helps in keeping me  happy and calm, irrespective of the situation. When I started attending Yoga classes to lose maternity weight, I didn't think I'd be teaching it one day. Coming from a conservative family, I had no dreams or aspirations growing up. I was married at twenty and soon gave birth to two children. Upon joining Yoga classes, I found them boring and slow. But very soon, I got hooked. When my instructor suggested I take the Yoga Teachers Training program, I felt like I wasn't ready for it. However when my mother-in-law pushed me and wished for me to take up this healing art and help everyone around me, there was no stepping back. Yoga has been a great teacher to many. I know a young woman who came from a very conservative family but began to teach Yoga within a couple of years. Yoga gave her the courage and confidence to convince her in-laws and prove herself. I believe Yoga is a slow, continuous process. It teaches you to be patient and confident. To master an asana is not an overnight task. It requires practice, patience and most importantly, perseverance. It is great for our mental, physical and emotional health. With increasing social media addiction, Yoga allows you to spend time with yourself and introspect. It holds no bars and must be practiced by everyone alike. An important part of Yoga is to give back to the society. Teaching underprivileged children, doing good for those who are not equally fortunate and being kind in general is central to the study of Yoga. In this fast moving and highly commercial age, I sincerely hope the essence of Yoga does not get lost!"

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