"Life hasn't been same again"

"It was in 2016 that I started having not-so-common symptoms that made me go to the doctor. I suffered from typhoid fever repeatedly. I even lost a lot of blood. My eyes started to look extremely puffy. But for a long time, none of this seemed to be something as serious as it has turned out to be. Around the same time, I was also going through depression. I assumed that was the reason for the puffiness of my eyes. However, turned out, I was suffering from chronic kidney disease. For a while, I didn't even understand what it meant. I had discontinued school because of it and that itself was so tiring. I would have to listen to people say unnecessary things and doubt my disease. In school, students said I was pretending to be sick because I didn't want to study. But I was going through so much and I gave up. I stopped explaining to people what I was suffering from. It is an uncommon disease and the only option for me was kidney transplant. Even if I got it done, there was hope for just about 10 years. We agreed to do it. From the day I realised I'm suffering with this disease till today, nothing has been easy. Coming to terms with my health, the consequences of the surgery, getting myself to undergo the surgery, preparing for it a few days in advance - it's been terribly difficult. I was asked to take steroids because it was already quite late and that left me sleepless, depressed and anxious. Most of the food we consume has high levels of potassium and I was told to stop consuming it. 
Even post surgery, there were complications. The doctors suspected that the transplant wasn't successful. Fortunately, it wasn't that. But it still isn't easy. I had shifted to Calcutta for treatment and I have nobody here. No friends to talk to, nobody to understand what I'm going through. Emotional, mentally and physically, it's been a very very tough phase. Sometimes, I wonder if life will ever be normal again. And I don't have an answer yet."

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