Creating a safer space for LGBTQ

"I was at a cafe a couple of years ago, when I saw a gay couple being thrown out. I was enraged! I fought with the manager, but of course, nothing happened. That's when I thought I should do something for the community, considering I'm a part of it myself. In December last year, I finally opened the People's Choice cafe for the LGBTQIA+ community. Adam is an ally member and chef who joined us and supported us through all of it. But running a cafe that encourages homosexuals to spend time and hangout isn't easy. I think I knew this when I was getting into it. It has been a rather difficult phase. We are always dealing with neighbours complaining and trying to explain to us that all this is wrong. One of the worst experiences was when I hosted a lunch for transgenders and the neighbours complained to the police. Cops banged on the door and created a scene. All this, after Section 377 being scrapped! Fortunately, the police agreed to sit and have a chat. I explained all of it to them and they took time, but understood. However, we still don't get all the cooperation from them. The neighbours continue to cut trees in our property, trespass into the area and vandalise the place. They throw things down and cause trouble when the cafe is closed at night. But we deal with all this for the safety of the community. The problem is the lack of education. Neither the police, the neighbours nor my own mother understand homosexuality. When I opened up to her about falling in love with a girl and that I'm bisexual, she didn't really believe it. I had to explain that it's normal and it's okay. This is a problem across the world and the only solution is discussion, conversation and creating awareness. It's not easy and is going to take some time. But it has to change. We need a better world. A few days ago, a teen walked in with her girlfriend and told me how she felt safe in this cafe. Feeling 'safe' in this society is so difficult and rare for members of the community. The moment I heard that, I knew we're doing the right thing and that the struggle is worth it."

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