If I can, why can't you?

"I was 2 months old when I was adopted and not much later, our family moved to Hyderabad. At the age of 11, I learnt of the LGBTQIA+ community, when I heard a transperson speak at an event. Curiosity drove me to the internet where I learnt more about the community, their allies and the lack thereof. I realised how important it is for parents, siblings and children, literally everyone to be understanding and supportive of the members of the community. I spoke about the same in a video on my YouTube channel, which was my first step towards being an ally. The internet has influenced people in so many ways, I tried to share whatever I learnt as well. I have since met many members of the community and have learnt one very important thing about them - that they're the same as us. We are all human beings. 
I met a transperson, who upon dressing up like a woman, was discriminated, socially outcaste, spoken about, stared at and made uncomfortable at her workplace, forcing her to quit. It really saddened me.
It is so important to have an open mind and educate ourselves. If each one of us take the torch of awareness forward and teaches another, slowly the entire society will stand with the community. Family members must always support one another. I'm extremely thankful to my parents for supporting me in everything, from my ADHD to my allyship towards the LGBTQIA+ Community. To create a safe and judgement free environment is extremely essential. It's not very difficult to understand, when my friends and I, just 13 years of age can do it successfully, why can't everyone else?"

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