Parents, my closest friends

"No matter what life threw at me, support from closer quarters has always been constant. My parents have always been my biggest teachers, motivators and sources of inspiration. Their hardwork and sacrifices for me since my birth can't be compared to anything else in this world. They stood up for me when I complained of cyber bullying in school. They gave me the right advice when I told them about my relationships. They imbibed in me the love for traveling and making new friends, which has taught me innumerable lessons. My parents' love for cooking pushed me to become a home baker myself. When the whole world chided me for being plump and called me names, my parents taught me that there is nothing like a perfect body. They told me how it is wrong to judge and prejudice against people. That pushed me to channelize my feelings into words through a blog post, marking the start of my blogging journey. I had multiple changes of heart with respect to my career, but they always stood by me. When I wanted to venture into Fashion, they persuaded me to take up art classes as well! Since then art has been an important medium of expression of my feelings. They have given me adequate freedom and endowed great trust in me, which I uphold to the best of my ability. Through thick and thin, ups and downs, my parents have stood like pillars beside me and I try to be supportive of everything they do as well! Afterall there are no friends better than your parents!"

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