Ethics first!

"I grew up in a financially unstable home. After lunch, we wouldn't be sure if we could afford a meal at night. I only saw misery and struggle all through my childhood. Fortunately, none of it affected me negatively. It only made me more responsible about life and value everything I have because of the lack of certainty. Even as an adult, I've not had an easy life. I sold ice creams, other eatables and travelled from Mumbai to Dubai in a ship to search for a job. I met with an accident there and returned about 35 years ago. Either things got better after that or I became strong enough to make every problem seem fine, considering I had already seen so much. Today, I sell mobile phones in Abids - a business I setup with a lot of difficulty, right from the investment to handling the technological advancements. Business isn't as easy as it was when I was younger. Back in our day, there was value for money and people. We wouldn't sell bad products just for money. But that seems to have changed today. However, I stick to my ethics. I've done many things to earn a livelihood, but cheating and fraud could never be one of them."

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