The coolest Granddad

"I've been very close to my grandparents from the very beginning. My grandfather is the most inspirational person I have ever met. His hardwork and keen interest in work till today, undeterred by his age or health motivates me to do so much better. Hence, I jumped at the first chance I got to travel with him. Everyone goes on vacations with their spouses/parents/friends. But I knew that to travel to Europe and America with just my grandfather would be an opportunity of a lifetime. I'm very glad that I could pull off this trip without any hassles. It worried me at times at how I would be left helpless if something were to happen to him, but him and my father had great faith in me and I knew I couldn't let them down. The long air travel specifically worried me.This trip has taught us to be patient. I had to plan the trip minutely, to ensure complete comfort. I also had to make sure he rested every alternate day. Those were my days of solo adventure! From doing touristy things to celebrating 'fake' birthdays at eateries, my grandfather was no less than a partner in crime throughout the trip. We thoroughly enjoyed Scotland. He was specifically mesmerized by it's beauty. He even took me to a casino! "We must experience everything atleast once. Its very important to travel and get a glimpse of the world, irrespective of your age. Go out there, have fun", he says. Having lost my grandmother who was very beloved to me, this trip with my grandfather has created millions of immortal memories. "From a mischievous girl to a wise, caring, young lady, my granddaughter has grown so much, and I am very proud!" he says."

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