Standing up for the needy

"I didn’t have all the luxuries as a child. In fact, I grew up in a middle class home where our priority was to fulfill basic needs. When I saw a homeless person on the streets, it would affect me. I would wonder what must have brought them to that stage and why nobody cares about helping them. I had my set of struggles, which helped me understand and empathise with others’ problems too. When I started working, I had the ability to help those in need with my money. However, I started it off on a small scale. My friends and I would buy food packets and distribute it to beggars. We would also try to have a small chat, but most of the times, they wouldn’t open up. It didn’t bother me, of course, and neither did it stop me. Instead I took it upon myself to support as many people as possible. That’s how Hunger Heroes started. Our aim wasn’t just to give food. We wanted to help people set up a slightly stable life. One of the couples we worked with, went back to their hometown and started a catering business. Now, they’re doing great, and it feels so good to see our efforts bring them happiness. But sometimes, it’s not only about money and eatables. So many of the old men and women we saw on roads were there because their family left them and they had no shelter. They want to talk and all they need is someone to listen. It dosn’t even take any money! But how many of us think about it? I think that’s what we need to do."

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