Art for the heart

"Social media bloggers and content creators have actually made quite a strong impression on me. How they work hard, sell their content and keep progressing irrelevant of their age, gender and background has always inspired me. So when an acquaintance suggested I set up a small business and YouTube channel of my own, I did not shy away. It all started with quilling, a fun paper folding activity that was a rage in my middle school years. Slowly I started making miniature models of a lot of things, but with more extensive materials. It was like being able to recreate in tiny form, all the things we dream of. I even began to recycle the paper and plastic I found lying at home. Slowly but steadily, word began to spread and I started a business, functional mostly through social media. People started coming up with gift orders for their loved ones. I found it overwhelming to be able to make something that made them and their loved ones happy. I met so many people, heard so many stories and even made a few of them, some ever-lasting through art. It's so empowering and satisfying to do something I love, professionally, quite early on in life. I wait to share my art knowledge with others! It's tiring and strenuous, no doubt. To sit for long hours and work artfully on small pieces does take a toll on me. But the joy and tranquility that I receive from my art is unparalleled. It has been the high to my lows and the calm to my chaos."

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