Life like a sixer

"Cricket has always been my greatest passion. I was the first born in my family but the most pampered! My family meant the world to me too. So when my parents expected me to top school examinations, I made sure I didn't let them down! My decision to become a doctor was also inspired by the fact that my father could never become one and I wanted to fulfill his dream! After my grandfather's death, my father was forced to give up his education and work hard to provide for the family. He has always been my inspiration and biggest hero. However, my first career choice wasn't to be a doctor. I wanted to become a cricketer. I would play cricket for long hours and sleep with a bat beside me. My dream was to play cricket for the nation. Having played for the District and State in my school days, to play for The Indian Cricket team was always on my mind. But I fell prey to the bureaucracy, nepotism and politics of the sport and never got the chance. When I alternatively made up my mind to pursue medicine, I didn't know what it would be like. I struggled to pass my exams, had to give up playing cricket and struggled my way through med-school. However, it was the practical and realistic knowledge that I gained from the various doctors I met on my journey, that helped me grow. They unknowingly taught me how to be a better human being. Their words "you die when you stop learning" left a great impact on me. When I chose to become a Cosmetologist and hair restoration surgeon, my father was not entirely satisfied. He believed that hair and skin care are luxuries and not healthcare necessities. He thought I would not be able to sustain. With strong support from friends, colleagues and peer groups, I set up my own cosmetic surgery clinic and successfully completed  2000+ hair transplants within a decade. Satisfying the needs of my patients, receiving Thank You notes/gifts from them and hopeful people who come to me for treatment, bring great joy to me. Having worked for 10 years after finishing my education, I felt like it was time to relive my passion. I started playing cricket again! I started taking appointments all evening till post midnight, so I could dedicate my mornings and noons to fitness and practice. It wasn't easy to accommodate so much in a day, but my passion made me do it! Slowly and steadily, I regained my form. I started playing in different tournaments, Corporate cups, League Matches etc. Its an indescribable feeling. Today, I am a certified scuba diver, photographer and traveller. I am quite passionate about travelling, photography, scuba diving besides cricket. I ensure I make time for all of it. Everyday, I go to bed content that I spent the day doing what I love with people who I love. Afterall, tomorrow is uncertain, live the most of your life today!"

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