A ray of hope

"If you visit the Royal talkies at Sultan Bazar and ask for the Chudwawala, everyone will point at us. It all started when my father moved to Hyderabad to start a Chudwa Business. Back in the 80s, my father tried making a unique chudwa variety.  Everybody at home loved it and so he started this stall. It's been more than 30 years and we still have a customer base that comes here just for this chudwa. It is his goodwill that's working for me, now that I take care of the shop. Initially, it wasn't easy. I remember I was in school and my brothers and I would come here to watch a film in the theatre nearby. We wouldn't have to pay much because we had a stall just outside and theatre owners knew us. But every time I was here, I would see my dad hope of getting adequate customers that day. I could see it in his face, when he wasn't looking at us. But he would never have the same face when we were around him. He would always smile and give us hope about the future. I once asked my father to suggest how the business could be expanded and he said 'sabko chudwa taste karvao.' He suggested that we begin from the scratch. So I would take packets of chudwa on a bike, start at Alpha Hotel in Secunderabad and travel till Jubilee Hills making people taste our product. I would make as many people as I could to taste our product. According to my father,  we should continue making people taste our Chudwa for as long as we can. For about four months, I would take about twenty packets of Chudwa and use it only for free tasting. Soon I arrived at a day when I wouldn't have to use even half a packet. People started buying the Chudwa and soon we were asked put up stalls at events. I hope to be just as optimistic and hopeful as him that the night will pass and the sun will rise again."

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