From Iran to Hyderabad

"It was only after I started playing Kabaddi that my family came to know about the sport. Back in Iran, it's not as popular as it is here. But we do have quite a few players from the city of Gorgan, where it is relatively known. I have always been fascinated by sports, Cristiano Ronaldo being my favorite sportsperson. But I never could've imagined that I would play Kabaddi professionally. My first encounter with Kabaddi was because of my brother. I was a wrestler for about five years, but my brother got me interested in Kabaddi.  There are many wrestling moves that are useful in Kabaddi, especially in defense, which is my core. I always felt like my knowledge of that sport gave me the upper hand in this one. Once I started to play, I read about VIVO Pro Kabaddi and I wanted to be a part of it.
The way Kabaddi was being celebrated here won me over! I remember messaging many players during the first season, hoping for a chance. But very few responded and that left me unhappy. Fortunately, I worked my way up in season five and joined the GujaratFortuneGiants team. The love from the fans and the whole championship vibes are wonderful here, in India. Apart from playing, I have also coached teams back in Iran. I have played Asian Games and other international tournaments, but there's something about PKL that makes it so special.  And here I am, captaining for one of the best teams, Telugu Titans also under an Iranian coach. It's really a dream come true and I couldn't have asked for more." :
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