Together forever

''We first met at our workplace, but we were quite the opposite. We would take the same cab back home and I remember thinking of her as super loud and talkative person. I preferred sitting with my earphones on. Things didn't take off well in the beginning. But we were made to attend a common training session and I had no friends there, so I asked her if I could join her group. Slowly, I started relying on her for the training day's summary, pens, books, everything! Later, we were in the same team too. That's when we got closer. She began to spend more time with me than her friends. I would ditch my earphones and listen to her talk during our cab rides. It was a big change for me, honestly! It still was a love-hate relationship. But we enjoyed each others' company. When I asked her out, she denied twice! Finally, we fixed a date together and she couldn't avoid it anymore. It was a great evening. She even made me dance, something I never do! 

When I learnt that she was diagnosed with PCOD, I took it upon me to research about it, take her to a doctor and ensure her well-being.
Instances like these brought us closer and made our bond stronger. We had been together for a while and by then, both our siblings and mothers knew about us... but not our dads! We knew it was time. We had a few awkward meetings with each others' fathers where neither of us chose to introduce the other as a 'partner'. But it seemed quite obvious. Eventually, the marriage conversation came up. There was no fancy proposal or deep thought. We were in love with each other and we knew we wanted to be together. We belong to different religions and that was a concern among our families. It took us a few months of convincing, but we did it! And here we are, three months married. From our religious beliefs to our music and film choices, almost nothing about us is the same. But we actively and happily do everything in each other's company. I guess your differences do not matter, as long as you're happy together. And that's the love that defines us!''

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