Daddy Dearest

"I didn't have an easy childhood. My father passed away at a young age and I did not have many people to guide me. I made my way through, somehow and joined the police force. I always loved sports and was a national level athlete, which also helped me with my job. Soon, I married a basketball player. So our regular dinner table discussions would revolve around sports. When we had our son, we knew we would encourage him to play sports. He was 5 when we enrolled him at a tennis coaching centre. We didn't want to force him. Our aim was to give him a glimpse of the sports world and let him choose for himself. Fortunately, he chose it! He fell in love with tennis. But the coaching centre couldn't focus on one student alone. They tried their best, but I was greedy for more. So I constructed a small wall on my terrace that allowed us to practice tennis. I remember reading that some of the best players in the world learnt to play the sport in this manner. No matter how tired I'd be after a long day at the police station, I would come back and play tennis with my son. I'd make sure he practised more than what was needed. As he grew up, I wasn't happy with the amount of attention and training he received. It always seemed insufficient. So I took a break and flew to Spain for a diploma. I also completed a few diploma courses in India. Meanwhile, I received a job opportunity from an institute in Spain. I took it up only for my son. The more I trained other students and myself, the better it would be for my kid. Many top coaches would watch him play and tell me how he didn't even need to work hard because of his love for the game. It seemed natural that he'd play great tennis. He has won 12 Telangana tournaments conducted by the state tennis academy, apart from many accolades across the country. Everytime I watch him win, all my hard work and efforts seem worth it. No matter how difficult it gets to manage my responsibilities as a police inspector, a tennis coach and a doting father, I'll do it all to see my son shine."

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