One film at a time

"Although we belonged to a middle class family, my parents tried to give me everything possible. I grew up in a home where we were happy with whatever we had and didn't wish for things beyond our reach. Every time I'd watch films or award shows, I would be intrigued by the way celebrities were treated. I wanted to know more about that world, but for a large part of my childhood, it was an immature thought. 

It was only around my graduation that I felt like giving acting a shot. I knew it isn't a world that welcomes newcomers easily, but I didn't want to let go without trying. Dubsmash had launched just around that time. So I'd spend nights recording videos and post them on Instagram. A few weeks later, I saw a poster for an audition. I still remember sneakily going for it without informing my mother, after an exam. It was for a feature film and I thought I did an okay job. Soon, I got a call and they wanted more material before confirming. I sent a few videos without much hope. Very soon, I got a call for a test shoot. Even at that time, the team didn't tell me that I was going to play a character in their film. I vividly remember my first day in front of the camera and the kind of nervousness I was dealing with, within. Slowly, I became more confident. I also convinced my mother to let me go for a month-long workshop. The film was on hold for a while, which made me sad. But soon, things got better and I bagged a supporting role in a rather big project with Rana and Sai Pallavi. Although the decision to explore a career in films was not entirely planned, my journey so far has been quite gradual, for the good. I don't want to be bombarded with random roles. I'd rather figure my way through, one film at a time. That's the best way to live life, I believe."

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