Through ups and downs

"No matter how much you try, you can't always build your future the way you want. Sometimes, despite believing in yourself and your work, things may not turn out the way you'd expect them to. I have observed this throughout my life… I wasn't a very attentive kid. I enjoyed watching films and spending time in the ground rather than studying. Once I completed basic education, my family sent me to Hyderabad to work at my relative's hotel, Apsara, at Abids. This was back in 1985. I worked there for a while, but soon a friend offered me a job in another hotel and I moved. Things didn't go too well there, either. But by then, I had a family to take care of. In 2001, I came back to Apsara Hotel and also launched a restaurant for them. Somehow, things weren't going right at all! The restaurant didn't do well. I opened a dhaba at a highway, which only brought me losses. Life was trying to teach me lessons, but I was in denial! I would go out with friends and spend a lot of money. I would give loans to people who never returned any. Eventually, the financial crisis was real! Through all of this, my only constant was my wife, with her unceasing support. She never put me down or made me feel inferior. She managed our home and me so well in tough times. That's exactly what made me jump back in action! Today, I have succeeded in giving her a better life with more comforts. We might not be extremely rich, but we have whatever we need to be happy."

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