Uniting people with music

"It's funny how back in the day, I wasn't interested in music, even when my father enrolled me for violin and piano classes. But when a cousin introduced me to rock-'n'-roll, I was pretty impressed and asked my dad to buy me a guitar the next day! I explored more bands and different genres, before completing a few courses in music, though mostly technical.

It was around my early 20s, when I moved to Hyderabad and started to write songs. I had no training in songwriting. I'd learnt everything by myself, through experiences and that's simply what influenced my music. It's always been mostly personal, inspired by my surroundings. I began to record songs in my basement, before I went to the UK to record in a studio. Things started to move at a faster pace, but the challenge was still to get people to listen to indie music. Most people prefer listening to songs featured in movies and it's not easy to have them listen to rock music. But I'd like to believe that I've managed to create an audience for myself, that enjoys my songs, whether it's in Europe, or in Hyderabad, my hometown. It's nice to see different people groove to the same Telugu songs!"

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