Change begins with you

"I'm the first girl from my family to complete graduation. Most girls dropped out after class 10, due to family pressure and a lot of them were married off at a young age. Coming from a family like that, managing to study as much as I did was a big challenge and an achievement too! My life revolved around my school and home, with no exposure of the world. Even when I joined college, I didn't know English and that made me feel very inferior. It was honestly a struggle to cope up with all that I was beginning to explore. 

But I tried making the best of whatever I had. I remember reading about Mother Theresa in class 6 and how it inspired me. I started thinking more about social issues and how each one of us can do our bit in making the world a better place. After my graduation, I started to work for a Delhi-based NGO. It was all online work, but that was when I started to understand how things work. I met many educated people who treated me equally and taught me so much. That's when I decided to start my own NGO. I researched a lot on the internet to understand the procedure. I finally started one at the age of 20 and there has been no looking back. In the beginning, it was difficult to manage a team and all the responsibilities. When you're dealing with menstrual hygiene and good-bad touch, you need understand the importance and the seriousness of such issues. But I believe that change begins with you and if you don't take a stand for what you want, nobody will. Today, I have taught girls why they need to understand their body better. Every time they thank me or tell me how I've inspired them to make their lives better, it makes me feel extremely happy and satisfied."

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