Master of all trades

"From being born in a remote village in Nellore to making my way to the UK before entering into cinema, my journey has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. I always loved cinema and wanted to pursue it as a career, but there was hardly any exposure till I moved out of my village and started studying at the Central University in Hyderabad. Initially, my family didn't take me seriously when I told them I wanted to make films.

Around the time when the DVD trend was catching up, a shop near my then apartment sold them. I started watching a lot of international cinema. My house had become a theatre with some film screening all the time. It was then that my writer friends suggested I try my hand at writing scripts too. Although I did take them seriously and write a couple of scripts, I wasn't sure if it was the right time. 

I was working with a corporate and soon, they sent me to the United Kingdom. That's when things changed. I was introduced to films in so many other foreign languages, that my library of CDs only kept growing! I had also begun to make a feature film, but it came with a lot of difficulties - the locations, the actors, getting everything together and so much more. I knew I had to come back to India to make it in the industry. So I returned a decade ago and began to work with production houses like Rama Naidu studios. That's where I met some of the present youth directors and filmmakers. I used to listen to a lot of stories and meet many technicians. Thanks to that exposure, I understood that my interest was in all parts of filmmaking. I began to understand how a director worked, what a cameraman did and the process of editing as well! My debut film didn't happen the way it was supposed to. The story was ready but nobody wished to work on it. That's how it came to me! In the following years, life brought me much closer to my dreams. I've done almost everything - acting, writing, directing and editing. Every film I choose - Case No. 666/ 2013, Dhrushyam, Minugurulu, Mental Madilo, ℅ Kancharapalem, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi and the recent Dorasani and Mallesham - only makes me proud of the kind of work I put together. It was a dream I dreamt as a child, that has brought me so far; And I believe that I have a long way to go!"

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