Fundas for a good life!

"I studied only till class 7, but it was never a regret. My father and grandfather were blacksmiths, so it was almost natural for me to take this up too. It's been an ancestral profession, but that's not the reason I chose it and carried it forward. I absolutely enjoy it! My cousin and a close friend work with me and it's a great space to be in. The best part about this job for all of us is each other's company. We spend almost 10 hours together every day and wouldn't want it any other way.  I have a wonderful family, who are happy with whatever I have to offer to them. A small, happy family and a set of fun friends will ensure you're sorted for life. You can fight every difficulty and live through all dark phases with them by your side. Everything else can be dealt with, it's important live today with joy. That's my funda!"

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