Living the dream

"I was a talkative and super energetic child, who wanted to participate in everything. I tried badminton, poetry, debating and so much more. My father was in the Indian Navy, so we would travel across the country. I spent a huge part of my childhood in Mumbai and I wouldn't say it was a great experience. I remember being bullied for my looks and language. It brought all my confidence down. I stopped trusting myself with anything. I would keep myself away from social events. It was too much to process, for a child. A couple of years later, we shifted to Vizag and fortunately, I found a better set of friends there. They treated me like I was one of them and encouraged me to do everything I enjoyed. I gradually gained my confidence back. I started to believe in myself and my abilities. I participated in local events and also genuinely began to enjoy life at school. Around that time, a lot of private radio channels came up. I used to come back home and call one of them everyday and request for a song. The RJ would have a nice chat with me and play the song, everyday! For a girl in her early teens, especially after being bullied, this validation meant a lot! We would listen to the radio all day and I kept dreaming of becoming an RJ too. 

After I finished class 10, I auditioned for a radio channel, but my local language wasn't as fluent. So I couldn't get through. But during my graduation, here in Hyderabad, I applied for a new English Radio channel and voila! My dream came true. I was one of the youngest RJs, and I got a good response as well! I absolutely loved the way I could communicate with my audience and the amount of love they had for me. There is no barrier and no need to be somebody else. You are your real self as a Radio Jockey! Every time I have a caller tell me they listen to my show everyday or that they admire my work, it makes me feel confident and blessed. I realised the power of language and words, specially when I managed to save a critical dog's life through my show! It's the best feeling to be living your dream and receiving so much love for it."

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