Service is my religion

"I was a very naughty kid who used to watch a lot of films and play pranks on my teachers. I even got punished many a time for my behavior. All this changed one day when a sister visited us in Goa and randomly asked me if I wanted to become like her--a sister. 
I was in my 11th class then, and till that time, never even considered sisterhood. I met her again after a week and requested that I visit her to observe the life of a sister in firsthand. When I was there, I was deeply moved by the kind of social service they were into, especially towards people in slums. I always had an inclination towards serving others and being a sister appeared to be the perfect opportunity. I said yes.
Things weren’t easy in the beginning as I had to leave my brother with whom I had a deep attachment. I also missed Goa terribly when I moved out for first time. But, slowly, by the strength of my prayers and grace of God, I overcame my grief and focused on my other love. Its 34 years since I became a sister and over the years, Hyderabad and its people have filled the void of my hometown to a large extent.”

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